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How we Hire

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How we Hire

Your first interview at Te Kōhao Health is likely to be with your prospective manager. This give us a chance to find out more about your experience and background and gives you an insight into our team and the role you’ve applied for. Depending on the role, you may be required to sit a test prior to the interview. If successful, you’ll be shortlisted and we’ll get you back in to meet a second panel.

At this stage you’ll also have a chance for an informal chat with the people you will be working closely with. You’ll also meet the Managing Director, Tureiti Moxon. This is a great opportunity to gain her insights into the direction of Te Kōhao Health.

Once the recruitment process begins, things move along relatively quickly. Some candidates have been known to walk out with job offers within a week of applying.

If it doesn’t happen that fast in your case, don’t worry, we’ll be in touch! We have a large number of applicants for all of our roles, and need to be sure that we select the right people for each one.

We are very proud of our acceptance rate and believe that its a testament to our fantastic culture and focus on supporting the community. We hope you agree!

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